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Monday, July 29, 2013

Mount Salak

Mount Salak

Mount Salak is a complex volcano located in the south of Jakarta, on the island of Java and also one of the volcanoes in Indonesia. This mountain range area included in the district of Sukabumi and Bogor regency, West Java. Management of forest areas previously under Perum Perhutani Forest Management Unit (FMU) Bogor, but since 2003, to the expansion region Mist Mountain National Park, and managed as a national park-Mist Mountain Salak.
Gunung Salak relatively old age so it has some peaks. Geoposisi highest peak of this mountain is 6 ° 43 'latitude and 106 ° 44' E and I called Peak Salak with a summit elevation of 2,211 m above sea level (dpl.).
Many thought that the origin of the name "Bark" is the bark of the plant, but actually derived from the Sanskrit word, salaka which means "silver".

* Volcanology and Geological

Mount Salak is one of the volcanoes in Indonesia and also a strato volcano type A. The highest peak (Peak Salak I) according to Hartmann (1938) is the oldest-old peak. Salak II peak altitude of 2,180 m above sea level. considered to be the second oldest. Next comes SUMBUL Peak with an altitude of 1,926 masl.
There are a number of active craters that do not come at the top. Largest crater, Kawah Ratu, is the youngest crater. Cikuluwung crater and crater Breathe daughter is part of the crater of the Queen.
Since the 1600s recorded eruption occurred several times, including a series of eruptions that occurred in 1668, 1699, 1780, 1902-1903, and 1935. The last eruption occurred in 1938, a phreatic eruption that occurred in the crater Cikuluwung Princess.
The morphology, Mount Salak has many steep ravines and deep. Because the whole body covered mountain peaks to lush forests, mountain contours are not easily visible. It is often deceptive climber and a pilot who has passed this mountainous region.


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